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Aajaltoun (عجلتون) is a Lebanese local authority which is located in Keserwan District (Qada'a), an administrative division of Mount Lebanon Governorate (Mohafazah). The municipality is member of Federation of Keserwan Municipalities.


Distance from Beirut Altitude (meters) Surface (ha)
24 850 677

Municipality address

Sources : Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)
Phone Number Fax Number E-Mail Web sites
09/ 232 447 - 448 09/ 232 447 - 448

Données électorales

Sources : Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (Republic of Lebanon)
Données électorales 2010
Registered voters Effectifs du conseil municipal Effectifs moukhtar
2 546 12 2
Données électorales 2016
Registered voters Effectifs du conseil municipal Effectifs moukhtar

Revenue of Independent Municipal Fund

Sources : Official Journal (Lebanese Republic)
Year Revenues (Thousands Lebanese Pound)
2014 367 377
2013 362 637
2012 325 161


Sources : Central Administration of Statistics (Lebanese Presidency of the Council of Ministers) - Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)
Educational establishments (2006) Public Private Students schooled in the public schools Students schooled in the private schools
5 1 4 - -

Higher Educational Institute Public Private
- - -


Researchers trace the origins of the word “Aajaltoun” to the root word “Aajel,” meaning:
- Rotation or wheel (circle).
- To roll.
- A Calf.

A Phoenician word referring to either “Phoenician statue” or a “round area”
Many names appear in the Torah with the root word “Aajel,” like “Aajloun” a city in Eastern Jordan. 5

There are an estimated 3,742 registered residents in Aajaltoun, mainly Maronites living in 2,500 houses and occupying around 175 commercial shops.

In 2000, the number of registered voters was 2,399, of whom 1,329 cast their ballots. In 2009, the number reached 2,524, and 1,566 cast their ballots.

They belong to the following families:
- Sfeir: 306 voters
- Ghosn: 123 voters
- Harouni: 107 voters
- Khalifah: 94 voters
- Mdawar: 89 voters
- Zoghbi: 88 voters
- Mrad: 88 voters
- Ghanem: 79 voters
- Khazen: 78 voters
- Abi Shaker: 72 voters
- Kasisi: 65 voters

There is a municipal council currently headed by Clauvise Khazen and consisting of 12 members. There are also 2 mukhtars, Georges Fersan and Antoine Harouni, and a one-member ikhtiyariah body. 5

Educational Establishments

The town has five schools, including Aajaltoun Public School for Boys and Girls and Mar Mansour Sisters for Charity, in addition to the Aajaltoun Foundation for Arts. 5

Economic Activities

The town’s main source of income is tourism. There are 4 hotels and 7 restaurants. A traditional festival is held every year at the end of August, when St. Zakhia is celebrated. 5

Archeological sites

These cites include: The Virgin Mary Church that dates back to 1647, owned by the Khazen family, the monastery of Mar Shalita, and the location where a plane crashed during World War I, near Maroula restaurant. 5


The town faces a sewage system problem. 5

Map of road network

Map of desertification risk

Map of rivers and water springs