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Administrative divisions of Lebanon

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Lebanese territory is administratively divided into three levels :

With Law 522 of July 16, 2003, the number of lebanese governorates increased from six to eight. Two governorates were created, Baalbek-Hermel (formerly part of the Bekaa) and Aakkar Governorate (formerly part of North Lebanon).

Governorate District
Aakkar Aakkar
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Hermel
Beqaa Rachaiya West Beqaa Zahleh
Mount Lebanon Aaley Baabda Chouf Jbeil (Byblos) Keserwan Matn
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbayl Hasbaiya Marjaayoun Nabatiyeh
North Lebanon Batroun Bcharreh Koura Minieh-Danniyeh Tripoli Zgharta
South Lebanon Jezzine Saida (Sidon) Tyr (Sour)