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Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, it is also one of the eight Lebanese Mohafazat (Governorate). It was in Beirut that are the government, the parliament and the various ministries, while the presidential palace is located 10 km from the center, Baabda - Louayzeh, a suburb of Beirut and the administrative center of Mount Lebanon Governorate.

The municipality have an elected municipal council (composed of 24 members) for 6 years. Its has administrative and financial independence but remains under the control and supervision of the central government.

Nearly 50% of the Lebanese population, or about 1 500 000 people live and work in Beirut and its suburbs, while only half of this population resides in Beirut itself. This imbalance in population distribution on Lebanese territory up to the fact that in addition to being the capital, Beirut is the political, administrative and economic and concentrates the largest universities and the main branches of many of national and foreign companies. In the last municipal lebanese elections of 2004, its accounted 731 568 resgitered voters of which 418 122 actual voters.