Decentralized cooperation

Cooperative Association for production and processing of Agriculture products in Deir Qanoun En Nahr (UNDP)

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UNDP grant : 11,500$ for the provision of food equipments and transportation vehicle.

Established in 2002 and, twelve women in Deir Qanoun En Nahr, supported by the municipality,
were courageous enough to venture into the business world in an area where opportunities,
employment and income generation is trivial.

The women Agricultural cooperative in Deir Qanoun En Nahr produces various traditional
homemade products. They market their produce in Tyr (Sour) and its surrounding villages. The cooperative used to participate in local festivals, yet were unable to do so after the war due to financial shortcomings, as well as lack of electricity necessary to use their equipment.
Therefore, the women of Deir Qanoun En Nahr, supported by UNDP, mobilized their efforts to fight for their human rights, survival and security; they were responding to the deepening economic crisis and its impact on rural communities. UNDP supported the cooperative by
catering for training workshops, for the procurement of an oven that enables the production of
all types of pastries and baked goods, for the provision of an electrical generator allowing
cooking operations during working hours, as well as for the provision of a vehicle necessary for
transportin goods. The women Coop of Deir Qanoun En Nahr attended a three-days training
workshop on the production of a traditional type of pastry, which is almond based, called
Marzipan. Women of the South still lack the skills in making this type of pastry, while it is more
famous in the northern regions of Lebanon. The cooperative will have the advantage of being
one of the few producers of Marzipan in the area, and will work on promoting its nutritional
qualities to replace commercial sweets. The workshop brought together the women attendees
from the South with women trainers from Mount Lebanon; this intercultural session made the
women of the cooperative aware of their social and economic predicament, and made them
confident of their newly found skills that will lead to the materialization of income-generating

Efforts by women should be recognized and documented to give evidence of women’s
contributions to peace building initiatives. It is crucial for communalities to identify women as
positive role models. However, this will require a government that does not view the success
of women as a threat.

Source : UNDP