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Dakoueh is a Lebanese local authority which is located in West Beqaa District (Qada'a), an administrative division of Beqaa Governorate (Mohafazah).


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Etymology : Historians give various meanings of the village’s name:
- Dakoueh stems from a Syriac word “Dukyé”, which means a “place, site or location”.
- According to Lebanese Novelist Anis Fraiha, the name is derived from the word “Dukkaya” and means “spiritual cleaning from sins”. Hence, the word Dakweh would refer to the old sanctuary in the town.
- Another explanation indicates that the name in Arabic was “Thakweh” or “Thakiya” which means “redolent” and the “th” was then replaced by a “d”. Thus, Dakweh would mean a “pure and fragrant land”.

Location : Dakoueh is located in the kaza of Western-Beqaa in the Beqaa Mohafazat at an altitude of 890 meters above sea level. It is 70 kilometers away from Beyrouth and 27 kilometers from Zahleh. The town extends over an area of 798 hectares and can be reached via the following road: Haouch El Hraimeh – Khiara – Dakoueh.

Population : The number of registered residents in the Personal Status records reaches around 800 people, including 450 people who reside permanently in the town and are distributed in 120 houses. Dakoueh is multi-confessional with a Catholic majority (45.2%), followed by the Sunni (29%), the Shia’a (12.3%) and the Maronites (8%).

Voters : There are around 532 voters in 2004, compared to 504 in 2000. Voters are distributed in the following families:

- Abu A’aneh 115 (Catholic)
- Al-A’askar 74 (Sunni)
- Al-A’askari 58 (Sunni)
- Asa’ad 12 (Sunni)
- Hussein 65 (Shia’a)
- Sofia 60 (Catholic)
- A’azar 40 (Catholic)
- Fadel 35 (Catholic)
- Khodr 8 (Sunni)
- Antar 36 (Maronite)
- Abu Kasam 8 (Greek Orthodox)
- Al-Ghajar 14 (Catholic)
- Wartabirian 7 (Armenian Orthodox)

Local Authorities : The town has a mayor – Raymond al-Ghajar – and a mayoral council formed of three members.

Educational Institutions : There is one school in the town, Dakoueh Public Elementary School.

Economic Activities : The majority of residents depend on agriculture, mainly the cultivation of grapevines, fruit trees, wheat and vegetables, in addition to cattle breeding. Employment in the public and private sectors also represent a source of income for many families.

Archeological Sites : An ancient Roman temple was discovered in the town which attracts many tourists. Three grottos carved with ancient drawings and a sanctuary can also be seen in the village.

Problems facing the Residents : Among the main problems that are facing the residents of Dakoueh are frequent power cuts and lack of drinkable and irrigation water.