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Eliane Metni

Expert in Education, member of IEARN International Executive Council and director of the NGO, International Education Association (IEA) which is committed to the development of global partnerships in education and capacity building of learning communities using Information Communication Technology (ICT) for Lebanon and the Arab World.
Eliane has contributed to the field of education for more than 20 years, five of which were dedicated to international education, e-learning solutions and online collaborative projects.
Using new technologies, Eliane designed and implemented innovative, interactive and empowering programs that fulfill global communities’ interests based on local needs.

Secteurs d’intervention : Building and networking online learning communities to generate civil society participation in communities’ development to outreach youth, educators and women.
Design and manage educational programs to provide participative solutions to local and global social, environmental, cultural and humanitarian issues.
Develop holistic professional development courses, training-of-trainers both face-to-face, online and/or in a blended mode.
Formation : M.Sc., Education (California State University, Hayward, United States) spécialised in online learning and teaching. B.A in Economics, (American University of Beirut, Lebanon).

Langues de travail : English, French and Arabic

Contact :

Eliane Metni
Tel/Fax : +961 1 219049
Portable : +961 3 624555
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