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European Union - Lebanon Action Plan 2007-2012

By Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Lebanon - | - last updated :

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The enlargement of the European Union (EU) on 1 May 2004 has brought a historical shift for the Union in political, geographic and economic terms. The EU and Lebanon are now closer together than ever before and, as near neighbours, will reinforce their political and economic interdependence. Enlargement offers the opportunity for the EU and Lebanon to develop an increasingly close relationship, going beyond co-operation, to involve a significant measure of economic integration and deepening of political co-operation. The European Union and Lebanon are determined to make use of this occasion to enhance their relations and to promote stability, security and well-being. The approach is founded on partnership, joint ownership and differentiation.

The European Neighbourhood Policy of the European Union sets ambitious objectives based on commitments to shared values and effective implementation of political, economic, social and institutional reforms.

Lebanon is invited to enter into intensified political, security, economic and cultural relations, and shared responsibility in conflict prevention and conflict resolution.