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Federation of Keserwan Municipalities

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Federation of Keserwan Municipalities (إتحاد بلديات كسروان - الفتوح) is a Lebanese local authority which is located in Keserwan District (Qada'a), an administrative division of Mount Lebanon Governorate (Mohafazah). The municipality is member of Federation of Keserwan Municipalities.


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Federation of Keserwan Municipalities was founded on 12/12/1977, by the decree number 722. Its administrative center is located in the city of Hrajel.

Municipalities of the federation

Municipalities of the federation
1 Aachqout
2 Aajaltoun
3 Ain Er Rihaneh
4 Aintoura (Kesrouane)
5 Ballouneh
6 Beqaatet Aachqout
7 Daraiya (Kesrouane)
8 Daraoun - Harissa
9 Faraya
10 Faytroun
11 Hrajel
12 Jaaita
13 Kfar Dibiane
14 Mayrouba
15 Qleiaat
16 Raachine
17 Rayfoun
18 Sehayleh

Federation of Keserwan Al Fatouh Municipalities map

The Federation of Keserwan Municipalities is located in Keserwan District (Mount Lebanon Governorate).

This is an interactive map, simply hover your mouse over an item of this list, to see its location. Each link leads to dedicated page of a municipality, which content various informations.
Aachqout | Aajaltoun | Ain Er Rihaneh | Aintoura (Kesrouane) | Ballouneh | Beqaatet Aachqout | Daraiya (Kesrouane) | Daraoun - Harissa | Faraya | Faytroun | Hrajel | Jaaita | Kfar Dibiane | Mayrouba | Qleiaat | Raachine | Rayfoun | Sehayleh