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Follow-up meeting on "Secularism: Animation and educational practices" Belgium – Wavre 5-9 to 14/5/2009

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Tadamoun wa Tanmia Association participated in the second meeting on the subject of secularism in Belgium. Other participating countries were France, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco and Catalon (Spain).

The follow up meeting aimed at exchanging experiences among participants on how to work on the concept of secularism. The different delegations presented hands-on activities carried out with children and young people around the concepts of secularism, according to the reality of each country.

The Lebanon intervention included carrying out a series of activities (drama, role play, games ...), each focusing on one concept of secularism, namely, (cooperation, participation, dialogue and communication, accepting the other, the expression of opinion, networking), and as it is used in the different programs of the Association i.e Reading club, Summer activities, Special education and the Office of local development. Morocco is expected to host the third meeting on secularism in 2010.