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Invitation of Fédération des Œuvres Laïques (FOL) To Tadamoun Wa Tanmia Association to participate in workshop on Sustainable Development – EUROMED Project

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Réunion avec la Ligue Européenne
As in previous years, the Fol has launched a new cross-cultural encounter among youth from Lebanon, France, Tunisia and Poland. Four countries, three languages and four cultures were brought together in the course of supporting environment and sustainable development issues.

The meeting was held for ten days from 12th until 22nd of July 2010. Twenty youth - 5 from each country - between 15 and 18 years old lived together during this encounter and shared their knowledge in a research project on sustainable development where they produced a final talented play on the theme.
Exercice de théâtre
The program was quite rich in content and methodology which surely encouraged young people to address the issues of sustainable development and to thoughtfully consider the future of their planet. Similarly, cultural diversity and everyday common life instilled values on accepting others and promoted more autonomy and independence among the group.

In conclusion, this trip was not only a space for new thinking on the maintenance of our planet and a recall on the effectiveness of drama in communicating our ideas, but also a root for new friendships.
Soirée d'échanges