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Italian delegation touring in the Chouf in order to twin Ain Zhalta and Yanuh Villages

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An Italian delegation made a tour today (20/03/2010) in the Chouf starting from Ain Zhalta village, and was briefed on its basic features mainly the "Ain Zhalta Cedar Reserve" affiliated to "Chouf Cedar Reserve".

The visit comes as part of a general visit with the aim of establishing a twinning between Ain Zhalta (Chouf), Yanouh (Sour) with Villaspciosa and Ortacesus in Italy, in order to promote cooperation between the Lebanese and Italian people, and to encourage protection of the environment in accordance with "Kyoto" agreement. The delegation’s visit will include downtown Beirut, the twinned villages and a meeting with the President of the Socialist Party Deputy Walid Jumblatt and his wife, Mrs. Nora, in order to ascertain the cooperation in regard to the Chouf Cedars.