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Lebanese Ministry of Environment launched a re-forestation campaign in 27 villages

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The Environment Minister, Mohammad Rahhal, yesterday signed cooperation agreements with 27 municipalities under the reforestation campaign conducted by his department.

Not less than one million three hundred and fifty thousand square meters of land will thus be re-forested, amounting to one billion five hundred million Lebanese pounds. Involved municipalities are Aandqet, Joub Jannine, Baskinta, Saouiri, Manara, Soultan Yaaqoub, Kobeyate, Kefraiya (Beqaa Ouest), Kamed El Laouz, Kamed El Laouz, Heri, Baaloul, Lala, Deir El Qamar, Chehour, Qaraaoun, Aaytanit, Section 210, Bab Mareaa, Ain Zebdeh, Qelaya, Bireh (Rachaiya), Bouarej, Rachaiya Bqaa Safrine, and Kfar Qouq Bqarsouna. In each of these municipalities, 40 000 to 50 000 square meters of land will be reforested.

Pursuant to the agreement between the Ministry of the Environment and the municipalities, the costs of reforestation are supported by the Ministry while municipalities provide seedlings among the local varieties, digging holes, in addition to planting the seedlings and finally ensuring all procedures for maintaining and protecting them.