The municipal elections in Lebanon have been interrupted for almost 40 years. In 1998, the country started to relearn "voting" after a long campaign of awareness and pressure by citizens in order to organize local democracy processes.

Important progress was realized in this direction during the first municipal administration (1998-2004) particularly thanks to the support of engaged french territorial groups and associations.

In june 2004, new municipal boards were elected for a period of 6 years. These boards have limited human, technical and financial resources. They will have to establish the bases for coherent and sustainable local development on both local and regional scale in order to guarantee their integration within the Euro-Mediterranean zone.


The "Localiban" project aims at initiating and reinforcing partnerships between local groups in Lebanon and those in France in the domains of technology and methodology of local development. More specifically, The objective of "Localiban" is to create and develop a center of resources for local development and for decentralized cooperation.

The expected results are:

- The creation of a key-players/actors network favoring the emergence, follow up, and implementation of local development projects.

- The launching of a training campaign for key players/actors in order to make them aware of the dynamics of sustainable local development and team work.

- The development of a common internet space that serves as a forum for exchanging experiences and for evaluating information concerning local development (statistical references, methodologies, information on local and territorial communities, databases...).

- Broadcasting touristic, economical, and social information about participating communities.

- The establishment of connections between people especially between immigrants and their native towns.


The project "Localiban" relies on elected teams and on technicians from Lebanese local communities. It is supported by French and European elected teams and technicians who are interested in participating in the project.

A network of experts is formed in order to help different key players/actors in project management & development in both conceptual and technical domains for projects such as water and wastewater management...

A team made of both Lebanese and French members leads and coordinates the project activities (website construction, forming the network, and giving technical and editorial support).