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These non-exhaustive maps, show the location of municipalities and localities in Nabatiyeh District (caza, قضاء) (Nabatiyeh Governorate). They are regularly updated by our team.

Nabatiyeh District Municipalities map

This is an interactive map, simply hover your mouse over an item of this list, to see its location. Each link leads to dedicated page of a municipality, which content various informations.
Aabba | Aadchit Ech Chaqif | Aarab Salim | Aazze | Ain Qana | Arnoun | Braiqeaa | Charqiyeh | Choukine | Deir Ez Zahrani | Douair | Habbouch | Harouf (Nabatiyeh) | Houmine El Faouqa | Houmine Et Tahta | Insar | Jarjouaa | Jbaa (Nabatiyeh) - Ain Bou Souar | Jibchit | Kfar Fila | Kfar Roummane | Kfar Sir | Kfar Tibnit | Kfour (Nabatiyeh) | Mayfadoun | Nabatiyeh El Faouqa | Nabatiyeh Et Tahta | Nmairiyeh | Qaaqaiyeh Ej Jisr | Qsaibeh (Nabatiyeh) | Roumine | Sarba (Nabatiyeh) | Sineh | Sir el Gharbiyeh | Yohmor (Nabatiyeh) | Zaoutar Ech Charqiyeh | Zaoutar El Gharbiyeh | Zefta | Zibdine (Nabatiyeh)

Nabatiyeh District municipalities and localities map

This map is being updated. Its contains towns and villages of the district (kaza) with or without municipal councils.

Localities with no municipal councils (No representative municipality, dissolution of an existing municipal assembly, number of inhabitants insufficient to constitute a municipality...), are administered by the Caïmacam.

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Nabatiyeh District Map