Decentralized cooperation

Post-conflict Oil Spill Clean-up Project (2006/2008)

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General Information
Start date : 24 July 2006
Expected end date :    31 December 2008
Last updated : 13 November 2008
Focus area : Decentralized cooperation
Executing agency : United Nations Development Programme
Implementing partners :    Lebanese Ministry Of Environment
United Nations Development Programme
2,919,400 $
Lebanese Coast, Lebanese fishermen, Tourism sector at large.


One of the most important impacts of the July/August 2006 hostilities is the oil spill incident. The spillage of 12,000 – 15,000 tons of heavy fuel oil from the Jiyeh power plant hit about 150km of the Lebanese coast, causing one of the major environmental disasters that Lebanon and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea were ever subject to.

The Lebanese Ministry Of Environment, in coordination with international and local partners, has been working since July 2006 on clean up operations and waste management, as well as documentation and legal compensation through the United Nations General Assembly.

Therefore, the project objective is to contribute to the management of the oil spill catastrophe through mobilizing funds for clean up and waste management, and supervising the implementation of the resulting projects/activities.

Achievements & Expected Results

Cross-Cutting Issues:

- Assistance to the Lebanese Ministry Of Environment in coordinating oil spill management (secondment of experts, purchase and/or transport of equipment, etc.) (Since July 2006).
- Development of website launched in September 2008 (
- Development of a draft book– expected to be launched in July 2009.


- Clean-up of the Dalieh Fishermen’s Wharf & transport of waste to the temporary storage sites (September – October 2006).
- Clean-up of 3 sites between Jadra - Ouadi Ez Zayni and Ras Al Saadiyat & transport of waste to the temporary storage sites (December 2006 – February 2007).
- Clean-up of 3 sites between Beirut & Jiyeh & transport of waste to the temporary storage sites (September 2007 – February 2008).


- Underwater survey of the near and littoral shore zone, covering the coast between Abdeh-Akkar to Jadra - Ouadi Ez Zayni (June-August 2007).
- Comprehensive oil spill shoreline survey from Tyre until Northern border of Lebanon.

Waste Management:

- Assessment & review of oil spill clean up waste and review of possible treatment options (June/July 2007).
- Transport of oil spill recovered wastes still on shore ( 438 cubic meters) to the temporary storage sites (September – October 2008).
- Preparatory work for the treatment of wastes stored at the Zahrani refinery.