Decentralized cooperation

Project "Emergency Intervention - Rehabilitation of polyfunctional structures in Aaytaroun"

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Duration : From 29-Mar-2007 to 28-Mar-2008

Total Project Value : 411,295.52 €


Strengthening the economic, social and
environmental network and the link between
community and public bodies in the village of
Aaytaroun (Bent Jbayl District).

Intervention Locations

Blat, Deir Mimas, Kfar Kila, Dibbine, Khiyam, Qlaiaa.

Expected Results

- Restored and strengthened the socio-formative and
rural development services of the Municipality of Aaytaroun as well as
the capacity for management of integrated development

- Reduced the social marginalization and increased
the potential for insertion into the job market.

- Local producers, communities and municipalities are
trained in the issues of organic agriculture.

- Improved the management capacities of local
breeders and the quality of services offered.

- The Municipal system for the management, collection
and transformation of solid urban waste is restored and
strengthened (Dynamic Composting & Recycling).