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Project for "Support to Public Employment Services in Lebanon" (Canadian International Development Agency - 2008/2011)

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Maximum CIDA Contribution : 2,800,000 $.

Executing Agency - Partner - Recipient : Organisation internationale du Travail (OIT / ILO).

Sector :

- Advanced technical and managerial training : 10%.
- Government administration : 35%.
- Employment policy and administrative management : 40%.
- Statistical capacity building : 15%.


This project utilizes Canadian expertise to assist Lebanon in its efforts to revitalize its economy and re-establish conditions for people to earn an income and rebuild their livelihoods following the 2006 conflict. The project assists the National Employment Authority in developing systems to provide productive employment for Lebanese men and women, especially in areas where the labour market situation is unfavorable. Through a transfer of Canadian expertise, the ILO helps :

- increase the capacity of the National Employment Authority to assist unemployed and under-employed workers to find more permanent and productive employment;
- develop information-sharing networks among various municipalities, employers and job seekers; and
- enable self-employment opportunities among both men and women through skills-training.

Source : CIDA