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Project of "Agricultural infrastructure and skills training" (Integrated Rural Development Program in Lebanon - 1997/2000)

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This project is a component of the Young Men’s Christian Association’s Integrated Rural Development Program in Lebanon (1997/2000).

Objective :

To achieve renewed and expanded economic opportunities in the agricultural sector via the construction and rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructure, and agricultural skills training for local farmers.

Project activities :

- Construction and rehabilitation of agricultural roads, bridges, and retaining walls, as well as irrigation canals, dams, reservoirs, rain-fed pools, and river beds.

- Skills training for local farmers to improve productivity via new irrigation techniques, high yielding crops, proper use of pesticides, and optimal use of natural resources.

Cluster  Municipalities  District (Qada’a) Project activities Population Served
1 Aakkar El Aatiqa
Daoura (Aakkar)
Aakkar District 25,000 m of agricultural roads, 2 bridges, 4 gangways, 1,958 sq. m of retaining walls 24,295 m of irrigation canals, 2 irrig. reservoirs &water pump Prototype farm & agricultural skills training 2835 families
2 Tikrit
Dahr Laissineh
Beit Mellat
Aakkar District 12,750 nl of agricultural roads, 2 bridges, 9 gangways, 1,350sq.m of retaining walls 17,620 m of irrigation canals Rehab. of 2 artesian wells Agricultural demo plot & skills training 2806 families
3 Ain
Nabi Osmane
Baalbek District 27,667 m of irrigation canals Rehab of 2 water springs & irrigation reservoir Prototype farm &agricultural skills training 2800m of agricultural roads 5350 families
4 Bent Jbayl
Maroun Er Ras
Ain Ebel
Aaynata (Bent Jbeil)
Meiss Ej Jabal
Bent Jbayl District - Marjaayoun District 58,500m of agricultural roads 330sq.m of retaining walls 2 rainfed pools Rehab of water source & irrigation reservoir 4525 families
5 Kfar Sir
Aadchit Ech Chaqif
Qsaibeh (Nabatiyeh)
Sir el Gharbiyeh
Nabatiyeh District 28,450 m of agricultural roads, 4 gangways, 1 bridge Rehab .of 3 water springs & - one irrigation reservoir One water dam & related pool Agr. Training 4900 families
6 Tannoura
Beit Lahia
Ain Aata
Ain Horcheh
Kfayr Ez Zait
Rachaiya District - Hasbaiya District 34,500m of agricultural roads, 1 bridge, 6 gangways, 766sq.m of retaining walls 4 rainfed pools Reb. of water source &1200m canals Agr. Training 2375 families

Expected impact for the Municipalities :

Irrigation 1 cultivation of an additional 11,055 hectares of land.