Decentralized cooperation

Project of Intervention of Mine Risk Education and strengthening of social activities in South Lebanon

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Duration : From 29-Mar-2007 to 28-Mar-2008

Total Project Value : 462,904.00 €


Contribute to the rapid post-conflict recovery in 4
District (Qada’a) in the South Lebanon Governorate and
Nabatiyeh Governorate, addressing two main problems:

- Risk
of UXO/mines that threatens mostly those
groups whose houses and camps were
bombarded and who depend on these
belongings for their survival;

- Victims of
UXO/mines to be supported psychologically and
with services, potentially addressing their socioeconomic

Expected Results

- Training of staff for the dissemination of the message
of prevention from dangers deriving from UXO/mines to
the different target groups.

- Identification of the needs of MRE and defined a
baseline situation to later evaluate the impact of the
intervention and promoted the renewal of the MRE
scholastic curricula with the competent authorities.

- Identified the needs of UXO/mine clearing, prepared
an outline o f priorities in the project areas, proposed
interventions to MACCSL and established a channel for
updates and information exchange.

- Created 30 community committees of volunteers and
disseminated messages adequate to the appropriate
categories as per baseline (through the committees
themselves and through local media).

- MRE sessions with other Italian and international
NGOs working in contaminated areas (or neighbouring
contaminated areas) within the 4 District (Qada’a) of intervention.

- Created and rendered operative a proactive desk
(and mobile, in outreach), on the target territory to link the
victims of UXO/mines, or those families whose livelihood
is jeopardized by the contamination, with other
development and income generating interventions
promoted by national and international organization.

- Created 3 community centers in Tayr Harfa,
Tibnine, Baraachit, basic activities of MRE, psychological
support, networking and social enterprise incubators for
Victims Assistance (VA).

- Made visible and known the contribution of the Italian
Cooperation to the recovery activities in Lebanon through
Intersos’ initiative.

- Regular monitoring and final evaluation of the results
reached and of the impact produced.