Decentralized cooperation

Project of Support to the social and economic promotion of women in different regions affected by the war (Beqaa, South Lebanon)

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Duration : From 22-Mar-2007 to 21-Mar-2008

Total Project Value : 446,965.00 €


Favor the rapid restart and improvement of the
agricultural production of women heads of
family, of women cooperatives and of women
micro-entrepreneurs in the areas affected by the
war and their strengthening as subjects for social
promotion and local development in the
intervention areas.

Expected Results

- Approx. 139 women and the officials of the municipalities (Ain Ebel, Qaouzah, Hermel, Debaal, Jouar el Hachich, Kouakh, Qasr, Rmaych) have received technical training for better usage of the resources of the territory;

- 2 cooperatives of women farmers (40 people) have
restarted their productive activities;

- 77 women heads of family have obtained the means
to improve their food production capacities for own use;

- 20 women active in micro-enterprise have restarted
the activities interrupted for the war;

- The women involved in the project create among
them a “network” for the exchange of experiences and for
the relations with local public institutions.