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Rehabilitation of a sewage network for Tyr (Sour) municipality (UNDP)

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UNDP grant : 25,000$ for the rehabilitation of a sewage network, water network and tiles (Phase

“Hay el Zaroub” is one of the poorest neighborhoods in <article1427> city; it comprises 200 homes
suffering from the overflowing of the sewer water in its gutters and alleys. A old sewage network
was damaged during the July 06 war. A resident, called “Mona Hasan “(37 years old) married
with a bus diver with 4 children, has been living in a home since 2001 in Hay el Zaroub ; Mona
was suffering from the overflowing of the sewer water near and inside her house. Last year, she
called the civil defense to fill down her house from the sewer water; her furniture was almost
damaged from this frequent situation. Like all residents, she was always complaining, and went
many times on behalf of the neighborhood to complain to the municipality. However, even
though the municipality repaired the network, it did the work uselessly: the network was too old
and the dimensions of the pipes were too small relative to the flow of water.

Prior to the UNDP intervention in that neighborhood, residents feared winter season but were financially unable to leave their precious vicinity to go looking for a cleaner area away from
disease resulting from the toxic water. Now, thanks to UNDP, Mona and other residents in that
neighborhood are enjoying winter in their beloved homes close to their friends and neighbors.

Source : UNDP