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Rehabilitation of sewage networks for Borj Rahhal municipality (UNDP)

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UNDP grant : 9,000$ for the rehabilitation of a sewage network.

The village of Borj Rahhal was built a long time ago in a very chaotic manner. Indeed, the
neighborhood where the sewage network was completed is highly populated on steep roads
with a high concentration of houses tightly connected. Furthermore, the neighborhood was
relying on underground cesspits for their sewage. The cesspits were often flooding in the
neighbors’ houses since they were mostly located in the neighbor’s lands; sewage was
releasing bad smells and attracting mosquitoes. Additionally, some people were channeling
their sewage to the storm conduits reaching open fields, thus leading to devastating impact on
the environment and agriculture. The <article4738> used to monthly pump
sewage to clean the cesspits; however people had to pay 20,000 L.L for this service while the
remaining amount was subsidized by the Union. The current sewage network under
construction will benefit 1700 individuals; the network will reach the main sewage line that will
be channeled to the waste water management station that will soon be operating. This station is
unique in a region where most sewage is channeled towards the sea; the mayor of Borj Rahhal
has clearly a long term, complete and sustainable plan that is environmentally friendly.

Source : UNDP