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Rehabilitation of sewage networks of Rachaiya El Foukhar (UNDP)

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UNDP grant: 15,000$ for rehabilitation of sewage networks.

Among others, a total of around 74 houses in three neighborhoods of <article1068> lack
sewage networks, and new houses are under construction in these same locations. The village
has a large territorial area and has roads exceeding the number of houses; therefore, the grants
allocated to previously conducted sewage networks were not sufficient to reach the entire

Sewage is currently channeled towards the same network as the naturally built storm
water conduits. Consequently, a mixture of storm water and sewage are presently used to
irrigate agricultural lands, thus increasing the probability of contaminating diseases and
environmental degradation in a village largely relying on agricultural produces. Moreover, the
current network discharges the dirt towards a land in the middle of the village, thus releasing
bad smells and attracting mosquitoes. The aim of this project is mainly to separate sewage from
water and make sewage network available to the neighboring houses. At the end of this project
a total of 3500 meters sewage network will be already installed out of the 7300 meters needed
in total, 760 meters would have been installed thank to UNDP grants (Phase 1 and the current phase 2).

The municipality is allocating all funds gathered towards sewage network projects in
the village until the entire village would be covered neighborhood after the other. The project is
therefore a first necessary step of a comprehensive plan for the village, hoping to have in the
future a treatment station where the sewage will be finally channeled.

Source : UNDP