Decentralized cooperation

Socio-Economic Rehabilitation Programme for Southern Lebanon (2000/2009)

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General Information
Start date : 01 January 2000
Expected end date :    31 December 2009
Last updated : 30 October 2008
Focus area : Decentralized cooperation
Executing agency : Council of Development and Reconstruction
Implementing partners :    Council of Development and Reconstruction
4,207,625 $
Agricultural Associations, Former Detainees, Mine affected communities, Municipalities, Youth Groups.


Following the Israeli attacks in 1996, the Government of Lebanon, assisted by United Nations Development Programme, launched the preparatory stages of a development programme in the South of the Litani region. This preparatory assistance phase of the project, completed in 1999, consisted of 2 main components: rapid implementation of pilot socio-economic priority projects, and the preparation of a regional development strategy document for post-conflict recovery and rehabilitation in the region.
Based on the recommendations of the regional development strategy and its socio-economic development components, United Nations Development Programme and Council of Development and Reconstruction jointly launched a programme of support for post-conflict socio-economic rehabilitation in Southern Lebanon. Interventions are implemented by the Programme in cooperation with local actors and implementing agents. In its initial phase of operation, the Programme focuses on the following sectors of intervention:

- Reintegration and rehabilitation of former detainees;
- Support to income-generating activities and enterprise development;
- Support to local mobilization and local capacity building;
- Youth mobilization, reintegration and reconciliation activities;
- Regional information management system.

During its initial period of intervention, and within available resources, the programme focused its interventions in the former occupied areas and the bordering strip within the Bent Jbayl District, Marjaayoun District, and Hasbaiya District.
It should be noted that throughout the implementation phase the programme focused on improving socio-economic conditions in the villages of the South. This is seen as a precursor for creating a general atmosphere of stability and sustainable livelihood conducive to the return of southerners displaced to other parts of the country or abroad.

The main objectives of the project are:

1- To stabilize and improve the living conditions of the population in the former occupied areas of South Lebanon.
2- To stimulate post-conflict economic recovery through employment and income generation.
3- To focus on the reconciliation and reintegration of youth in South Lebanon.
4- To improve local governance through provision of technical support to municipalities and cooperatives.

Achievements & Expected Results

The main achievements of the projects are:

- Establishment of 32 youth clubs in 32 villages and six movie clubs in South Lebanon.
- Provision of equipments and organizational support to 26-computer access centers in various villages (Bent Jbayl District, Marjaayoun District, and Hasbaiya District).
- Training of 60 municipalities in the targeted area to upgrade their management skills.
- Implementation of 38 municipal development projects such as public gardens, playgrounds, solid waste cars and olive presses.
- Implementation of 57 cooperative development projects, including some major ones as: The Shoemaking factory in Bent Jbayl, the fishing cooperative in Naqoura (Tyr (Sour) District), and The Dairy Farm in Chamaa (Tyr (Sour) District).
- Planting ’ Trees instead of Mines ’ in five villages.
- Provision of primary health care services for former detainees where 2100 are medically screened, 500 received psychological counseling, 125 attended physiotherapy sessions and 343 are assisted with aid devices for disability.
- Post clearance socio-economic development project initiated; whereby nine (9) youth groups are established and nine (9) initial activities are conducted.
- Conducted two (2) strategic planning workshops with youth in villages of Choukine (Nabatiyeh District) and Mayfadoun (Nabatiyeh District).
- Participatory approach workshop conducted with 16 municipalities in Tyr (Sour) District, for capacity building and to enhance coordination and transparency among municipalities.