Qabb Elias - Ouadi Ed Delm
  • Published on: 13 February 2008 - Last Updated : 13 February 2008
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    The municipality of Qabb Elias - Ouadi Ed Delm is located in the Kaza of Zahleh one of is one of the eight mohafazats (governorates) of Lebanon. Qabb Elias - Ouadi Ed Delm is 45 kilometers (27.963 mi) away from Beyrouth (Beirut) the capital of Lebanon. It's elevations is of 950 meters (3116.95 ft - 1038.92 yd) above sea level. Qabb Elias - Ouadi Ed Delm surface stretches for 2061 hectares (20.61 km² - 7.95546 mi²) .

    Educational establishments

    Educational establishments - Ablah (2005-2006) (3) Lebanon (2005-2006) (2)
    Schools 7 2 788
    Public Schools 3 1 763
    Private Schools 4 1 025

    Students schooled in the public schools

    1908 439 905

    Students schooled in the private schools

    2214 471 409

    Economic Activities

    Economic Activities (2004)
    commercial and industrial Activity (3) Companies with more than five employees 35
    Companies Not Available
    Agricultural activity (3) Crops type Not Available
    Features Not Available
    Mining activity (3) Mines 0
    Activities type Not Available
    Operating status Not Available

    Map of the road network :

    Map of desertification risk :

    Map of rivers and water springs :


    Municipality of Qabb Elias - Ouadi Ed Delm (2008)(4)
    Address Main Road - Municipality of Qabb Elias - Ouadi Ed Delm - Kaza of Zahleh
    Phone Number    08/ 500 721 - 2 - 3
    Fax Number    08/ 500 723
    P.O. Box Not Available
    Web sites

    Sources :
    CDR (31/12/1999) - OMSAR

    voters and revenues

  • Revenues of the Independent Municipal Fund for 2006
    Decree no. 614 dated October 27th 2008 provided for the distribution of the revenues of the Independent Municipal Fund for 2006 for the amount of LBP290 billion.
  • File on Lebanese municipal and ikhtiariah elections of 2010 and income distribution of IMF
    Voters, municipal councils and results of lebanese Municipal and Ikhtiariah elections of 2010.
  • File on Municipal and Ikhtiariah elections 2004
    This folder deals with municipal and ikhtariah elections held in 2004. It provides an overview of the number of lebanese municipalities (and their distribution), municipal councilors, voters, Makhatirs, by Kaza and Mohafazah.
  • Files - municipalities

  • Diagram of Lebanese Regional Planning - Final Report
    The SDATL constitutes the base of the Lebanese policy of town planning.
  • Practical guide on eco-Organization of Christmas and New Year celebrations by local authorities
    This practical guide published by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management is intended for local authorities. It contains tips to reduce waste, reduce electricity consumptions, consuming eco-friendly...
  • PS-Eau practical guide to Develop drinking water services
    This guide is intended primarily to NGOs, migrant associations, local authorities that support the development of drinking water services. This guide focuses on rural areas and small towns, areas of intervention usually targeted by such actors, who will find benchmarks to ensure their interventions.
  • PS-Eau practical guide on external action of local authorities for water and sanitation
    The purpose of this guide is to present the tools available to actors of decentralized cooperation to enable them to engage more in solidarity actions on water and sanitation.
  • PS-Eau practical guide on decentralized cooperation for drinking water and sanitation
    This guide is published by the pS-Eau. It was realized under the Exchange Group on the Development of International Cooperation, in water and sanitation fields. Its presents the framework for intervention and the available tools for actors of decentralized and non-governmental cooperation.
  • "Al Dawliyah Lilmaaloumat" study for waste collection and treatment in Lebanon: 128 million dollars paid annually for "Sukleen" and "Sukumi" companies
    "Al Dawliyah lilmaaloumat" carried out a study (available in arabic) on waste in Lebanon. It presented figures showing the amount of waste in the regions and districts, and also explained how the successive governments did not set up a comprehensive national plan to address this issue all over Lebanon in the absence of any recycling projects. "Al Dawliyah Lilmaaloumat" study for waste collection and treatment in Lebanon (available in arabic)
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