Harbata (Baalbek)
Published on: 7 December 2007 (Last Updated : 7 December 2007)


The municipality of Harbata (Baalbek) is located in the Kaza of Baalbek one of is one of the eight mohafazats (governorates) of Lebanon. Harbata (Baalbek) is 125 kilometers (77.675 mi) away from Beyrouth (Beirut) the capital of Lebanon. It's elevations is of 1132 meters (3714.092 ft - 1237.9552 yd) above sea level. Harbata (Baalbek) surface stretches for 6633 hectares (66.33 km² - 25.60338 mi²) .

Population, voters, local authorities and skills

File available in arabic on the voters, municipal councils and results of lebanese Municipal and Ikhtiariah elections held in 2010.

Map of the road network :

Map of desertification risk :

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Sources : CDR (10/12/2002)