Choueifat El Oumara
Published on: 13 December 2007 (Last Updated : 1 October 2008)

Population, voters, local authorities and skills

File available in arabic on the voters, municipal councils and results of lebanese Municipal and Ikhtiariah elections held in 2010.

Schools : There are no schools in Choueifat El Oumara per say.

Health Institutions

Health Institutions (2006) (4)
Hospitals Beds Clinic
Public Private Public Private
Not available 1 Not available Not available Not available
1 0

Kamal Joumblat - Medical 2000
Address Al Midane - Al Oumara Quarter - Municipality of Choueifat El Oumara - Kaza of Aaley
Phone Number    05/ 430 994 - 432 525
Fax Number    05/ 430 966
P.O. Box Not available
E-Mail Not available
Type Private
Capacity (Beds) Not available

Indicator of economic dynamism : There are 44 companies with more than 5 employees in Choueifat El Oumara.

Map of the road network :

Map of desertification risk :

Map of rivers and water springs :

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Map of forest zones :

Map of main urban suburbs :

Map of main urban zones :

(1) Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (Republic of Lebanon - www.moim.gov.lb)
(2) Central Administration for Statistics (CAS - Republic of Lebanon)
(3) Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR - Republic of Lebanon)
(4) Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR - www.informs.gov.lb - Republic of Lebanon)