• Launch of Daman 2 project, by the French Development Agency (AFD), February 17, 2014
    This support program for the olive oil sector of southern Lebanon is carried out in coordination with the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) of the French contingent of UNIFIL. It's the second phase of a project, led from 2008 to 2010 and financed by the French Development Agency (AFD).
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  • File on management of stormwater in urban areas in developing countries
    This file presents an analysis of problems and reflections to carry on the management of stormwater in urban areas in developing countries.
    Practical guide on eco-Organization of Christmas and New Year celebrations by local authorities
    This practical guide published by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management is intended for local authorities. It contains tips to reduce waste, reduce electricity consumptions, (...)
  • Launch of Daman 2 project, by the French Development Agency (AFD), February 17, 2014
    This support program for the olive oil sector of southern Lebanon is carried out in (...)
  • Inauguration of a pilot treatment plant in Bcharreh, July 27, 2013
    This project, initiated six years ago and funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) in the (...)
  • Opening of the solar energy lighting project in Mari (Hasbaiya)
    Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 - Commander of the eastern sector of «UNIFIL» forces in south of Lebanon, General Julio Isla, sponsored opening ceremony of solar energy lighting system in border town (...)
  • Inauguration of lamps which work on solar energy in Kawkaba
    Yesterday (09/07/2012), Kawkaba celebrated the launch of a project that contain 14 lamps which works on the solar energy thanks to a Spanish financial (...)
  • European Union allocates 20 million Euros to support the Lebanese municipalities
    Finally, the EU announced the allocation of new funding worth € 20 million to support the Lebanese municipalities. Add this amount to 63 million euros is the value of the various projects run by (...)
  • Signing of a cooperation agreement between the municipalities of Marseille (France) and Tripoli (North Lebanon)
    On October 12th , 2011 a cooperation agreement was officially signed between Municipalities of Marseille (France) and Tripoli (North Lebanon). It was signed by Mr. Jean-Claude Gaudin, president (...)
  • PS-Eau practical guide to Develop drinking water services
    This guide is intended primarily to NGOs, migrant associations, local authorities that support the development of drinking water services. This guide focuses on rural areas and small towns, areas of intervention (...)
  • PS-Eau practical guide on external action of local authorities for water and sanitation
    The purpose of this guide is to present the tools available to actors of decentralized cooperation to enable them to engage more in solidarity actions on water and sanitation.
  • The main programmes and projects funded in Lebanon by the EU 2009-2015
    Fact sheets, which describe the main programmes and projects funded in Lebanon by the EU and the 28 Member States.
  • Action Plan For EU-Lebanon 2013-2015
    This second EU-Lebanon ENP Action Plan is a political document building up on the provisions of the Association Agreement that identify areas of cooperation.
  • PS-Eau practical guide on decentralized cooperation for drinking water and sanitation
    This guide is published by the pS-Eau. It was realized under the Exchange Group on the Development of International Cooperation, in water and sanitation fields. Its presents the framework for intervention and the (...)
  • PS-Eau practical guide on safe drinking water in developing countries
    This practical guide published and distributed by pS -Eau ( www.pseau.org ) offers a list of questions need to be asked for this sort of project.
  • Status of the municipalities in Lebanon
    This file is only available in French and Arabic. Its contains a whole of remarks and reflexions relating to the total operation of the Lebanese local authority, in particular of the municipalities.
    This section includes part of the overall mapping available at Localiban.org Although incomplete; it reveals an image of Lebanon through various thematic maps, including the administrative division of Lebanon, decentralized cooperation, administrative centers and population density...

    Administrative division

  • Federations of municipalities
    Federations or unions are created by decree, or at the request of Municipalities (optional) or on top of the initiative of Minister of Interior (as necessary). They can constitute an unlimited number of cities and enjoy a legal status with financial and administrative (...)
  • Mohafazah (Muhafazah)
    The Mohafazah (Mohafazat in plural) is an administrative division which is the region in France. It is generally divided into several kadaa (Qada'a) and generally the administrative center is the city which is the most important in the region.
  • Kaza (Qada’a)
    The Kaza (Qada'a) is an administrative division of the Mohafazah, whose equivalent in France would be the department.
  • Municipalities
    Article 1 of Legislative Decree No. 118 of 30 June 1977 states that the municipality is a local government. Its enjoys financial autonomy and power of self-management. But it remains under the control and supervision of central government.
  • Location
  • File on municipal and ikhtiariah lebanese elections 2010 and income distribution of Independent Municipal Fund
    File available in arabic on the voters, municipal councils and results of lebanese Municipal and Ikhtiariah elections held in 2010.
  • Business and Computer University College (BCU)
    The Center for Education and Computer Studies, headed by Mr. Hamza Mustafa acquired its license to establish the Business and Computer College in the year 2000, under decree #3585 on August 7, (...)
  • Private schools in Lebanon: Religiously affiliated schools in Lebanon
    According to the statistics of the year 2005-2006, the number of private-free schools was 364 with a total number of 115,254 students and the number of private schools 1,025, with 417,409 (...)
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