Municipalities of Lebanon

February 2006 | Localiban

Article 1 of Legislative Decree No. 118 of 30 June 1977 states that the municipality is a local government. Its enjoys financial autonomy and power of self-management. But it remains under the control and supervision of central government.


European Union focus on waste management

June 2015 | Office for Official Publications of the European Communities

This brochure is intended to inform local and regional players, NGOs, policy-makers at all levels, social partners and consumers on EU strategy.

Lebanon’s Educational Institutions

April 2015 | The Monthly

There are 2,812 schools in Lebanon which provide pre-university education to 917,877 students, of whom 32,000 have received the Baccalaureate Degree.

International College

May 2009 | Localiban

International College, one of the largest and oldest international schools in the world, was founded in Smyrna – Turkey in 1891 as a missionary school. In 1936, The American University of Beirut which at that time was called the Syrian Protestant College, invited International College to come to Beirut to affiliate as their Preparatory School.

Lebanese International University (LIU)

May 2009 | The Monthly

LIU is part of the Better Future Association (Al Ghad Al Afdal Association) that is chaired by Minister and former MP Abdul Rahim Mrad.

Saint George School - Zalqa

December 2011 | The Monthly

Saint Georges School was established in the early sixties, by Sheikh George Samrani and his wife, members of Notre Dame de la Delivrance parish.

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