Data center on local development in Lebanon

    • PS-Eau practical guide on safe drinking water in developing countries
      9 September 2012
      This practical guide published and distributed by pS -Eau ( ) offers a list of questions need to be asked for this sort of project.
    • Project "Energy Efficiency Watch"
      8 October 2009
      In today's world, Europe is facing rising oil and gas prices, threats to the security of energy supply and energy poverty as well as the already noticeable consequences of climate change. Energy efficiency is the quickest, cheapest and most direct way to turn these...
    • Guidebook of Sustainable Neighbourhoods in Europe
      8 October 2009
      The practical existing examples presented in this guidebook are prepared for local authorities in order to get inspiration to build attractive, healthy and self-sufficient, sustainable communities. Therefore, the purpose of this guidebook is to identify and present pioneer...
    • File on Municipal and Ikhtiariah elections 2004
      19 June 2004
      This folder deals with municipal and ikhtariah elections held in 2004. It provides an overview of the number of lebanese municipalities (and their distribution), municipal councilors, voters, Makhatirs, by Kaza and...
    • Status of the municipalities in Lebanon
      This file is only available in French and Arabic. Its contains a whole of remarks and reflexions relating to the total operation of the Lebanese local authority, in particular of the municipalities.
    • Lebanon
    • Mohafazah
      The Mohafazah (Mohafazat in plural) is an administrative division which is the region in France. It is generally divided into several kadaa (Qada'a) and generally the administrative center is the city which is the most important in the region.
    • Kaza
      The Kaza (Qada'a) is an administrative division of the Mohafazah, whose equivalent in France would be the department.
    • Municipality
      Article 1 of Legislative Decree No. 118 of 30 June 1977 states that the municipality is a local government. Its enjoys financial autonomy and power of self-management. But it remains under the control and supervision of central government.


    • Maps
      This section includes part of the overall mapping available at Although incomplete; it reveals an image of Lebanon through various thematic maps, including the administrative division of Lebanon, decentralized cooperation, administrative centers and population...