Our datas and informations on Lebanese municipalities

  • Biyad (Kaza of Tyr (sour))
  • Soultaniyeh (Kaza of Bent Jbayl)
  • Markaba (Kaza of Marjaayoun)
  • Kfar Niss (Kaza of Chouf)
  • Kfar Qatra (Kaza of Chouf)
  • Sarba (Nabatiyeh) (Kaza of Nabatiyeh)
  • Haret El Fikani (Kaza of Zahleh)
  • Qleiaat (Kaza of Kesrouane)
  • Aazra Ouel Aazr (Kaza of Kesrouane)
  • Qornayel (Kaza of Baabda)
  • Chaaitiyeh - Malkiyet Es Sahel (Kaza of Tyr (sour))
  • Ram (Baalbek) (Kaza of Baalbek)
  • Yohmor (Nabatiyeh) (Kaza of Nabatiyeh)
  • Borj Hammoud (Kaza of Matn)
  • Qaraaoun (Kaza of West-Bekaa)
  • Kaoukaba Bou Aarab (Kaza of Rachaiya)
  • Mazraat Beit Ghattas - Karm Aassfour (Kaza of Aakkar)
  • Hayzouq (Kaza of Aakkar)
  • Zakrit (Kaza of Matn)
  • Bazouriyeh (Kaza of Tyr (sour))
  • Administrative division

    Federations of municipalities
    Federations or unions are created by decree, or at the request of Municipalities (optional) or on top of the initiative of Minister of Interior (as necessary). They can constitute an unlimited number of cities and enjoy a legal status with financial and administrative...

    Mohafazah (Muhafazah)
    The Mohafazah (Mohafazat in plural) is an administrative division which is the region in France. It is generally divided into several kadaa (Qada'a) and generally the administrative center is the city which is the most important in the region.

    Kaza (Qada’a)
    The Kaza (Qada'a) is an administrative division of the Mohafazah, whose equivalent in France would be the department.

    Article 1 of Legislative Decree No. 118 of 30 June 1977 states that the municipality is a local government. Its enjoys financial autonomy and power of self-management.

    Foreign Companies in Lebanon (June – December 2008)
    The second half of 2008 witnessed the registration of 19 foreign companies compared to 18 companies in the first half. The overall number of registered companies in 2008 was 32 companies (compared to 44 in 2007).

    Loom weaving (Al Nol) : A Lebanese tradition facing extinction
    The Lebanese used to be famous for practicing various handicraft, many of them now extinct, among them loom weaving (Al Nol).

    "Letters to Beirut" within the framework of Beirut the World Book Capital (April 2009 - April 2010) - 06-10-2009
    The "Letters to Beirut" international project aims at establishing a website that offers a space to those wishing to write letters to the city of Beirut.

    Organizing an international seminar on "The methodology of observing French teaching" at the headquarters of the Francophone International Organization - 20-03-2009
    An international seminar on "The methodology of observing French teaching" was held at the headquarters of the Francophone International Organization in Paris from 12th to 14th of June 2008. There were about fifty researchers, academics, experts and officials from organizations and concerned institutions from Lebanon and other...

    International seminar "The right to citizenship... Living together..." - 25-11-2010
    Tadamoun wa Tanmia Association participated in the third international seminar on secularism held in El Jadida - Morocco. The first seminar was held in Lyon – France in 2008 and the second seminar took place in Wavre – Belgium in 2009.

    Franco-Lebanese Municipalities Forum in Neuilly-sur-Seine - 21-04-2009
    As part of the 4th Franco-Lebanese Forum of Municipalities, Jean-Christophe Fromantin (Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine) and the municipality hosted 15 presidents of municipalities from Lebanon on Nov 18, 2008. Visit included a City car tour, reception by First Deputy and a presentation on municipality's policy given by Christophe...

    French Public School seeks to establish internet group to group correspondence with a Lebanese school
    Primary School in Creusot (southern Bourgogne - France) seeks to establish an Internet correspondence (in French language) with a primary school in Lebanon.

    Call for project: Construction of a sewage system for the city of Baaqline
    Baaqline faces serious problems in protecting its environment due to the lack of drainage systems and wastewater treatment. Wastewater is still discharged in unsafe and unhealthy open pits, which infiltrate to the groundwater.

    Call for proposal- project for the implementation of traffic safety in Chouf Es Souayjani municipalities’ federation
    During the civil war the region has experienced a period of rapid development due to the relocation of many people from Beirut and its suburbs. This quick growth lacked urban planning and adequate infrastructure for the area. (Available in French)

    Latest publications

    "Al Dawliyah Lilmaaloumat" study for waste collection and treatment in Lebanon: 128 million dollars paid annually for "Sukleen" and "Sukumi" companies
    "Al Dawliyah lilmaaloumat" carried out a study (available in arabic) on waste in Lebanon. It presented figures showing the amount of waste in the regions and districts, and also explained how the successive governments did not set up a comprehensive national plan to address this issue all over Lebanon in the absence of any recycling...

    Seminar on "improving Accessibility to Marine Regions: A Challenge for Europe" - 15/04/2011 in Gijón
    The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, the Principality of Asturias and the Port Authority of Gijón will organize a seminar on "Improving Accessibility to Marine Regions: A Challenge for Europe" on 15th of April in Gijón (Asturias, Spain).

    File on municipal and ikhtiariah lebanese elections 2010 and income distribution of Independent Municipal Fund
    File available in arabic on the voters, municipal councils and results of lebanese Municipal and Ikhtiariah elections held in 2010.

    Project "Energy Efficiency Watch"
    In today's world, Europe is facing rising oil and gas prices, threats to the security of energy supply and energy poverty as well as the already noticeable consequences of climate change. Energy efficiency is the quickest, cheapest and most direct way to turn these challenges into real...

    Guidebook of Sustainable Neighbourhoods in Europe
    The practical existing examples presented in this guidebook are prepared for local authorities in order to get inspiration to build attractive, healthy and self-sufficient, sustainable communities. Therefore, the purpose of this guidebook is to identify and present pioneer eco-community developments in...

    File : "Achieving 20% savings in energy consumption"
    In June 2005 the European Commission published a Green Paper on Energy Efficiency entitled “Doing more with less”. This long awaited initiative reflects the Energy Commissioner's intention to make energy efficiency his personal priority. It is a very welcome step...

    The European eco-labels on products made from wood incorporating criteria of sustainable forest management
    There are many signs of recognition of the ecological (or environmental)quality products. Some correspond to simple self-reports from the companies that generate or market the products. Others, called eco-labels correspond to statements whose compliance is verified by an accredited inspection...