Territorial administration of Lebanon

Status of the municipalities in Lebanon

This file is only available in French and Arabic. Its contains a whole of remarks and reflexions relating to the total operation of the Lebanese local authority, in particular of the municipalities.

The existence of the municipalities in Lebanon dates back to the nineteenth century. During the Egyptian occupation, in 1833 an advisory council was established in Beirut. The first experiences of local government took place during the Tanzimat period, under the Ottomans. Promoted to the rank of capital of a wilaya, Beirut was to provide the wali of a board that looked after the affairs of the public health, safety and lighting.

The first municipality was established in Lebanon in Deir El Qamar in 1864 after the civil war and following the promulgation of the Organic Regulation of mohafazah Mount-Lebanon, while the municipality of Beirut was incorporated under the Ottoman Empire in 1867 . The major cities of what became Lebanon, Saida (Sidon) and Trablous (Tripoli) in particular saw themselves give municipalities some years later in the wave of the Tanzimat.

Municipalities experienced a revival during the French Mandate, the mandatory Power have developed public administrations. But their role will be really taken into consideration that during the tenure of General Chehab, to whom we owe the establishment of a modern law that favored the formation of dozens of new municipalities.

Article 1 of Legislative Decree No. 118 of 30 June 1977 states that the municipality is a local government. Its enjoys financial autonomy and power of self-management.


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