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Tadamoun Wa Tanmia Association participates in the Special Talents Festival – Beirut

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Nine special needs Girls and boys from Tadamoun wa Tanmia Association took part and danced in the special talent festival that was held on 15/03/2011 at the UNESCO Palace - Beirut.

Thirteen Associations working in the field of disability from all regions of Lebanon participated in this festival, where groups of children presented various outstanding artistic performances including dances, play scenes and songs.
The festival aimed to show up the creativity and abilities of special needs students having mainly mental disability who exerted real effort to overcome the barriers of their disabilities through hard work and training; performances explicitly revealed the talents of the participants in dancing, acting and singing. The festival was attended by a large crowd of families and students from regular schools based on the role of art in enhancing communication and inclusion in society. Friends of the Disabled Association in Lebanon, a member of the International Organization on Arts and disability organized the festival.