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The Economic and Social Fund for Development (ESFD)

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The budget allocated to the project is 25 000 000 €.


This programme is one of the major actions implemented by the European Union in order
to improve the socio-economic situation of the low-income segments of the population.
It consists of two components:

- Community Development to extend the necessary assistance for the elaboration
of local development plans in poverty pockets. The actions, envisaged in the plan,
are then financed up to € 300 000 per action.

- Job Creation to facilitate the start-up of small enterprises through access to credit
facilities for persons deemed non-bankable so far, or to improve work capacity of
micro structures, in particular family structures, through loans managed by non
governmental organisations.

Within the scope of the Community Development component, 2 village clusters, one in
the North (Mishmish) and another in the South (Aytaroun) have benefited from a support
to elaborate and implement local development plans. 4 other beneficiaries have set up
their plans and are now finalising their projects which would be submitted for financing,
whereas 14 other beneficiaries are being identified for the elaboration and implementation
of a local development plan. Regarding the Job Creation component, 1 560 small and
medium-sized enterprises have benefited from bank loans and 1 272 jobs were created.
The main characteristic of this component lies in its target: small entrepreneurs deemed
non-bankable so far and now benefiting from a personalised technical assistance enabling
them to access bank facilities granted by one of the three partner banks, Société Générale
de Banque Liban (SGBL), Banque Libanaise pour le Commerce (BLC) and Crédit Libanais.