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Tripoli District

Trablus (Tripoli) District (kaza, caza, qadaa, قضاء) is one of six districts of North Lebanon Governorate.

It includes the city of Tripoli, administrative center of the Governorate. Its surface reaches 24 km². It is bounded in the North by Minieh-Danniyeh District, in the East by Zgharta District, and in the South by Koura District.

Its population is approximately estimated to 310 980 inhabitants, what amounts to 7,3 % of the total population of the Lebanon. Trablus (Tripoli) District has the strongest demographic concentration in Lebanon (7 086 inhabitants / Km ²).

During the municipal elections of 2004, Trablus (Tripoli) District counted 250 162 residents, 330 672 registered voters, among which 173 014 voters.

Its administrative center is locate in the city of Tripoli, second city of Lebanon, on demographical and economical levels after Beirut.

Municipalities Tripoli District

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Municipalities District Governorate
1 Mina Tripoli North Lebanon
2 Qalamoun Tripoli North Lebanon
3 Tripoli Tripoli North Lebanon

Federations of municipalities Tripoli District

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Federations of municipalities Municipalities of the federation
1 Federation of Fiaa Municipalities Mina | Qalamoun | Tripoli

Municipal elections

Municipal and ikhtiariah elections 2010
Municipalities Electeurs Inscrits Municipal councilors Moukhtar
Mina 36 463 21 12
Qalamoun 4 319 15 3
Tripoli 158 910 24 51

Finances (local authorities)

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Revenue of Independent Municipal Fund (2012)
Municipalities Revenues (Thousands Lebanese Pound)
Mina 4 011 041
Qalamoun 573 995
Tripoli 17 814 550

Local authorities took part in a development project

Local authorities District Governorate
1 Mina Tripoli District North Lebanon
2 Qalamoun Tripoli District North Lebanon
3 Tripoli Tripoli District North Lebanon