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Twinning agreement between Italian Calasetta Municipality and Municipality of Haret Saida

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This is the first project of its kind to sign a twinning agreement between a European municipality and the municipality of Haret Saida. A delegation from the «Union of Sardinia Municipalities» in Italy visited Lebanon yesterday, at the invitation of the Municipality of Haret Saida, to sign a twinning agreement between the municipality of Calasetta in Sardinia and the municipality of Haret Saida.

The agreement aims to create opportunities for cooperation and exchange between the two municipalities, and to get assistance from the European Union in order to launch educational, cultural and economic development projects.

The Italian delegation was led by Mr. Antonio Vigo president of Calasetta municipality and his deputy Mr. Antonio Moro, consultant at «Chamber of Commerce and Industry» in Italy lawyer Salvdor Mafi, a representative of the Union of Sardinia Municipalities Mr. Gaetanaw Cikhanyllo, two members of the municipal council of Calasetta Mr. Roberto Moro and Mr. Salvador Serra, and the consultant of « Mediterranean Office for International Studies» Mr. Hamza Jammoul.