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UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon Inaugurates Two Environmental Projects in Kaza of Marjaayoun

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On 23 September 2010, ART GOLD Lebanon in collaboration with the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) inaugurated two environmental projects in Marjaayoun District: the installation of solar panels project in Meiss Ej Jabal public hospital, and a waste disposal project in Taybeh (Marjaayoun).

On behalf of H.E. Ambassador of Italy to Lebanon, Mr. Andreas Ferrarese participated in the inaugurations alongside UNDP Country Director Mr. Seifeldine Abbaro, and the ART GOLD Chief Technical Advisor, Mr. Francesco Bicciato. The President of the Union of Municipalities of Jabal Amel Mr. Ali El-Zein, director of Meiss Ej Jabal public hospital Mr. Mohamad Kabalan, and Mayor of Taybeh (Marjaayoun) also participated in the proceedings.

Meiss Ej Jabal public hospital was founded in June 2001. Its seven-floors accommodate 70 patient beds, three operation rooms, laboratories, an emergency unit, a pharmacy and a maternity section. Its particular significance however lies in providing medical services to patients of 20 surrounding villages. Further, the nearest hospitals to Meiss Ej Jabal are in “Bint Jbeil” and “Marjeyoun”, 20km and 60 km away respectively. But “Bint Jbeil Public Hospital” is relatively small with only 15 beds. Given the importance of “Meiss Ej Jabal public hospital” within the south Lebanese community, ART GOLD through funds from Italy and Padova Municipality installed the solar panels in it and trained hospital technicians on maintenance problems at 54.000 USD. The installation of the solar panels falls within ART GOLD’s project to promote the use of renewable energy for enhancing sustainable environment and economic growth.

On the other hand, the waste project aims to reduce waste and to promote recycling practices in the Union of Municipalities of Jabal Amel. More than 30,000 residents will benefit from the project of 140.000 USD. The Italian Government and the Province of Ferrara funded the project in the framework of ART GOLD. 360 bins for separated waste collection, and a specialized truck for waste collection shipped from Ferrara were provided to the Union. Also, a Ferraran expert conducted training sessions in Taybeh (Marjaayoun) on the use of the truck. These sessions followed a field study tour to Italy (Ferrara and surrounding locations) for Lebanese technicians from the Union to learn about the best Italian practices in waste management. The final stage of the project consisted of conducting an awareness campaign on waste management.

Mr. Ferrarese indicated during the inaugurations that the Italian government is “financing and implementing various environmental projects aimed at improving waste management and promoting renewable energy”

On behalf of the Province of Ferrara, Mr. Francesco Bicciato added “the Province has clearly expressed their readiness for future collaboration with ART GOLD in development initiatives”.

Mr. Abbaro concluded “the solar panel project is a pilot project that aims to promote the use of renewable energy in both public and health institutions”. As for the waste project, Abbaro added “it helps reduce waste through improving the waste collection system and the community awareness on waste management practices.”

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