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UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) project for the transportation of drinking water from a spring of "Ain el Kanouh"

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UNDP grant: 17,000$ for the transportation of drinking water from a spring to a nearby land and construction of reservoirs.

The village of Jmaijmeh benefits from a spring called “Ain el Kanouh” that provides drinking
water to the entire village. However, a system that was funded by Section 933 to pump water from
the spring to an elevated water tank is rarely functioning due to electricity shortages. Generators
that were used to pump the water were stolen many times and the cost bared by the
municipality for the generators’ gasoline was very high. Therefore, the pumping system stopped being used and the community ceased having access to drinking water. The community had the choice of either resorting to other drinking sources outside the village or to buy costly drinking water gallons.

A very old pipeline was previously extended from the spring to a nearby land located at around
11 m bellow the spring, and water was successfully reaching the land. Hence, this project
consists of changing this old and damaged pipeline into a new underground channel to reach
two water reservoirs in the above mentioned downward sloping land. The owners of the land
were favorably willing to offer their land to fulfill the urgent needs of their village’s community;
they submitted a legal document stating this agreement. The first reservoir will be used by the
Jmaijime village and the surrounding villages Khirbet Selm, Souaneh (Marjaayoun), Soultaniyeh to drink water.
Whereas the second reservoir will only start being filled when the first reservoir is full, and will
be used for agricultural and construction purposes. Thus, the project prioritizes drinking water
as a response to the community’s needs and complaints.