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Aayoun El Ghizlane

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Aayoun El Ghizlane (عيون الغزلان) is a Lebanese local authority which is located in Aakkar District (Qada'a), an administrative division of Aakkar Governorate (Mohafazah).


Distance from Beirut Altitude (meters) Surface (ha)
110 240 104

Municipality address

Sources : Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)
Phone Number Fax Number E-Mail Web sites
06/ 371 072 06/ 371 072

Données électorales

Sources : Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (Republic of Lebanon)
Données électorales 2010
Registered voters Effectifs du conseil municipal Effectifs moukhtar
Données électorales 2016
Registered voters Effectifs du conseil municipal Effectifs moukhtar

Revenue of Independent Municipal Fund

Sources : Official Journal (Lebanese Republic)
Year Revenues (Thousands Lebanese Pound)
2014 41 790
2013 38 643
2012 38 545


Sources : Central Administration of Statistics (Lebanese Presidency of the Council of Ministers) - Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)
Educational establishments (2006) Public Private Students schooled in the public schools Students schooled in the private schools
- - - - -

Higher Educational Institute Public Private
- - -


Aayoun El Ghizlane is located in the Kaza of Aakkar (the Mohafazat of Aakkar was established in accordance with Law No. 522, issued on July 16, 2003). The village is located 240 meters above sea level and covers an area of 103 hectares. It is 116 kilometers from Beirut and 26 kilometers from the Mohafazat. Aayoun El Ghizlane can be reached via: Abda - Bebnine - Aayoun El Ghizlane.


The precise origin of the name is unknown, yet Aayoun El Ghizlane is considered to be a modern name meaning "eyes of the deer."


The approximate number of registered inhabitants in Aayoun El Ghizlane is 463, the majority of whom are Sunni. The number of houses is 25.

Number of Voters

The approximate numbers of voters in Aayoun El Ghizlane in 2000 was 297. These voters are distributed among the following families:

- Merhebi 120 voters

- Abdel-Latif 50 voters

- Muhammad 30 voters

- Awwad 23 voters

- Mehi al-Deen 21 voters

- Saeed 20 voters

- Haidar 15 voters

- Ibrahim 7 voters

Local Authorities

There is no municipality in the village of Aayoun El Ghizlane. There is a mayor and mayoral council.

Educational Institutions

There are no schools in Aayoun El Ghizlane. School-age children and young adults go to neighboring villages to pursue their education.

Economic Activities

In general, agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the residents of Aayoun El Ghizlane, and the most popular agricultural product is olives. The village has a factory for compressing olives, a farm for domestic animals, and another farm for livestock. The village also has small shops and mini-markets that provide basic provisions for area residents.


Aayoun El Ghizlane provides some public services for its inhabitants, such as drinking water, which is available from the village well. Other public services are provided by neighboring villages. Electricity is provided by Kadisha’s electricity, via the Nahr al-Bared station, and the telephone system is provided via Berqayel. Aayoun El Ghizlane is associated with Halba’s court and the Nahr al-Bared police station.

Archeological Sites

Among the major relics in the village is Aayoun El Ghizlane’s Old Mosque. Generally speaking, the village dates back to the medieval period.