Beirut International Documentary Festival 2009

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DocuDays was found in 1999 with the aim of raising public awareness for the non-fiction genre as an entertaining and informative tool.

“Beirut International Documentary Festival” is still the premiere festival in the Arab world totally dedicated to documentaries.

Unique in its area of expertise, location and atmosphere, DocuDays became an awaited event offering an exceptional meeting spot for professionals, novice and the general audience. Whether interested in the medium, the subjects or the business itself, DocuDays is the place to be.

In its last edition, over 10.000 persons attended the festival, a number expected to increase with the audience attachment to this genre reflected in the founding of new documentary channels in the Arab world and the introduction of extra documentary slots on established channels. The festival is going bigger, with more films to show, more activities and more participation from the Arab and International filmmakers and professionals.

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