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Deir El Aachayer

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Deir El Aachayer (دير العشاير) is a Lebanese local authority which is located in Rachaiya District (Qada'a), an administrative division of Beqaa Governorate (Mohafazah).


Distance from Beirut Altitude (meters) Surface (ha)
94 1 300 2 563

Municipality address

Sources : Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)
Phone Number Fax Number E-Mail Web sites
08/ 563 895 - 561 553 08/ 563 895

Données électorales

Sources : Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (Republic of Lebanon)
Données électorales 2010
Registered voters Effectifs du conseil municipal Effectifs moukhtar
Données électorales 2016
Registered voters Effectifs du conseil municipal Effectifs moukhtar

Revenue of Independent Municipal Fund

Sources : Official Journal (Lebanese Republic)
Year Revenues (Thousands Lebanese Pound)
2014 46 664
2013 42 962
2012 42 143


Sources : Central Administration of Statistics (Lebanese Presidency of the Council of Ministers) - Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)
Educational establishments (2006) Public Private Students schooled in the public schools Students schooled in the private schools
1 1 - 90 -

Higher Educational Institute Public Private
- - -


The village was once known by the name “Deir Sema’an”, owing to the ancient fortress of Deir Sema’an (Saint Sema’an Ma’amoudi) located in the area. The construction of the castle dates back to the Roman era, when students of Sema’an the Baptist used it to perform religious ceremonies and practices. The village and its castle were a strong hold for the students, which enabled them to expand their Christian mission in Syria. The name was changed after many families settled in the area.

The village has a municipal council made up of nine members, and a town mayor.

Revenues from the Independent Municipality Fund reached LBP 29.6 million ($19,640) in 2001, LBP 15.8 million ($10,480) in 2000 and LBP 47 million ($31,190) in 1998 and 1999.

The registered population is an estimated 500, mainly made up of Druze. However, the actual residents number approximately 250, distributed among 90 households.

The number of registered voters are around 340, mainly distributed among the following families:

• Mahmoud: 37
• Nasser: 37
• Abed Al-Wali: 30
• Ayoub: 25
• Abou Harb: 23
• Deeb: 23
• Halabi: 18
• Abou Saleh: 17
• Sabah: 15
• Eryan: 10
• Fayek: 10

In addition, the families of Kintar, Hamzeh, Asfour, Hatoum, Abou Kalfouni and Hamdan come from the village.


Deir El Aachayer is rich in springs, among them:

• Ain Halalweh
• Ain Shayeb
• Ain Rouk
• Ain Dibb

Deir El Aachayer residents depend on agriculture as their main source of income, especially wheat, grapes and fruits. Residents also raise sheep and cows, which have been a plentiful source of milk.

Farmers in the village, like most farmers across the country, have had difficulty selling their harvests, while the milk being sold is going for rock-bottom prices.

Finally, because it lies on the frontiers of the Rachayya caza, its residents point out that the beautiful village of Deir El Aachayer has paid a price for its location as a border town.

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