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European Union allocates 20 million Euros to support the Lebanese municipalities

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Finally, the EU announced the allocation of new funding worth € 20 million to support the Lebanese municipalities. Add this amount to 63 million euros is the value of the various projects run by the Union is currently in Lebanon, in order to promote local development.

The 241 municipalities distributed over 19 spend has placed on the list of the Union for the implementation of projects had been put forward. Thus, the Union currently manages about 66 contract support and cooperation, under implementation and setup, municipalities with a total value of around 64 million euros.

The relationship between municipalities and the European Union evolve significantly. For this the last systems on 20 March last for an extended meeting with members of the 100 municipalities and the Union of my country to discuss the mechanisms of cooperation between the two parties, where participants discussed the many issues facing municipal work in Lebanon.

Note that since 2000 the EU went to the local authority, on the grounds that «work with the authority closest to the citizen, as long as the highest authority that can not move, more effective». This is what it calls the Union’s head of mission in Lebanon Angelina Eichhorst, during the last meeting, the name of «proximity principle» it «aims to enhance the legitimacy of institutions and communities closest to the users and their ability».

As for the project to the new funding, announced by the Union finally worth 20 million euros, is divided into two parties. Central aim, supporting the reform of municipal finance, and includes an important element to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry and local authorities, will appends a fund dedicated to the municipal unions, for the implementation of local development initiatives. Local and the first on the classification of municipal unions, and then directed to sign contracts in accordance with the divisions of unions.