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Hermel District

Hermel District (kaza, قضاء) is one of the two districts of Baalbek-Hermel Governorate, it is the farthest Lebanese district from residential centers and large cities, being connected to other regions by two main roads, the first traveling Baalbek District, and the second connecting North Lebanon Governorate through the mountains of Aakkar.

Its harsh climate and semi-arid land classified this district to have the least number of inhabitants with a population density of no more than 66 inhabitants per square kilometer, over an area of 731 square kilometers, equivalent to 6.9 % of the total area of Lebanon.

Hermel District is located at the extreme northern of Beqaa Governorate. It descends from the highest peak in Lebanon (Qornet Saouda) at an altitude of 3 080 meters, to reach the Syrian borders and the mountains of Baalbek in the north and the east.

It is surrounded by Aakkar District and Minieh-Danniyeh District in the west, Baalbek District in south and east, and by the Syrian borders in the north.

Its population is estimated at approximately 48 000 inhabitants, equivalent to 1.3% of the total population of Lebanon.

During the municipal elections of 2004, Hermel District counted 25 435 residents, 57 537 registered citizens including 30 566 voters. 1

Its administrative center is the city of Hermel, whose name brings to mind the (El Aassi) river and waterfalls. It is the farthest Lebanese town from the capital, Beirut.

Footnotes and references

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