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Inauguration of lamps which work on solar energy in Kawkaba

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Yesterday (09/07/2012), Kawkaba celebrated the launch of a project that contain 14 lamps which works on the solar energy thanks to a Spanish financial support.

Likewise, this project appeared thanks to the Spanish and Malysian phalanx , so with the help of the majors , the Spanish General Julio Herrera Isla who is respnsable of the Middel East within the FUNIL, the Malysian colonel Hachem Ben Mat and the Indian colonel Sacha Mihita . Although, this project took place thanks to the caimacam of Hasbaya and some bodies.

During the celebration, all the representants unveiled a memorial drawing to this project. The mayor of this city Salim Ibrahim , delivered a speech in which he promots the phalanx of the FUNIL.

The General Isla also delivered a speech in which he insists on keeping peace and stability in south Lebanon.