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Italy funds a developmental plan for the area around the «Bared Camp»

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The Resident Representative of UNDP in Lebanon Marta Ruedas,
and the Italian ambassador in Lebanon Gbrieli Kekya, signed an
agreement for the implementation of a project on «the
advancement and development in the surrounding municipalities
of Nahr al-Bared camp». This project is financed by the Italian government for a total budget of 1 million two hundred
thousand euros.

This is a follow-up stage to a first cycle of the project
which was launched in January 2008 for a year on «early
advancement for municipalities adjacent to Nahr al-Bared
camp». While UNDP has been implementing the first phase in
support of Italian funds for one million three hundred
thousand euros, the new project focuses on «promoting dialogue
and social cohesion between the Lebanese and Palestinian
communities in the region» which is based on results of the
first cycle, according to the Italian Embassy’s statement.

The new project includes the following areas: first, fishing
sector through the rehabilitation of the port infrastructure
and capacity-building for fishermen cooperatives. Secondly,
the agricultural sector through the provision of technical
support and capacity-building opportunities. Thirdly, to
provide small and medium-sized enterprises addressing in
particular the Lebanese population living inside the camp.
Fourthly, building the capacity of civil organizations and
strengthening their participation in addition to youth
programs and reconciliation.