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Kaftoun (كفتون) is a Lebanese local authority which is located in Koura District (Qada'a), an administrative division of North Lebanon Governorate (Mohafazah). The municipality is member of Federation of Koura Municipalities.


Distance from Beirut Altitude (meters) Surface (ha)
75 300 256

Municipality address

Sources : Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)
Phone Number Fax Number E-Mail Web sites
06/ 921 080 06/ 921 080

Données électorales

Sources : Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (Republic of Lebanon)
Données électorales 2010
Registered voters Effectifs du conseil municipal Effectifs moukhtar
Données électorales 2016
Registered voters Effectifs du conseil municipal Effectifs moukhtar

Revenue of Independent Municipal Fund

Sources : Official Journal (Lebanese Republic)
Year Revenues (Thousands Lebanese Pound)
2014 35 227
2013 33 253
2012 34 354


Sources : Central Administration of Statistics (Lebanese Presidency of the Council of Ministers) - Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)
Educational establishments (2006) Public Private Students schooled in the public schools Students schooled in the private schools
- - - - -

Higher Educational Institute Public Private
- - -


The name of the village comes from the Syriac word "Kaftuna", meaning domed structures, while other believe it refers to the word "Kaftanya" meaning a dome.


Kaftoun is situated 85 km from Beirut, in the Qada’a of Koura in the North Lebanon Governorate. It covers an area of 333 hectares and stands at an altitude of 380m above sea level. It is can be reached via several routes, such as: Chekka - Rasnhash -Kfar Hata - Kaftoun, or Bziza - Majdal - Kaftoun.


The population is estimated at 641 people, who are all Orthodox. There are 55 houses in the village.


The number of registered voters in May 2004 stood at 440, compared to 411 in 2000, distributed mainly between the following 14 families:

Local Authorities

The village has a municipal council consisting of 9 members, and 1 mayor and 3 members on the mayoral council. It is and old municipality, which was founded according to decree no 228, issued by the Internal Administration on 10-6-1965. In 1997, the municipality received LBP 17.6 million from the independent municipal council fund. This sum had increased to 26.5 million LBP by 2003. The following table demonstrates the evolution of those revenues between 1997-2003

These funds are insufficient to enable the municipality to conduct any real developmental projects in the village, which are sorely needed due to the low income levels of its citizens.

Educational and social institutions

The village has one public school.

Economic Activities

The villagers mainly rely on agriculture (particularly olives) and a few small businesses (services and trade). It also has a few handcraft workshops and one sawmill.

Archeological Sites

An authentic village with the oldest Greek Orthodox Theotokos Monastery in Lebanon, the village boasts the ancient church of Our Lady of Kaftoun, carved in rock, as well as ancient mills, sarcophagi and caves.

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