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Mazraat Es Siyad

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Mazraat Es Siyad (مزرعة السياد) is a Lebanese local authority which is located in Jbeil (Byblos) District (Qada'a), an administrative division of Mount Lebanon Governorate (Mohafazah).


Distance from Beirut Altitude (meters) Surface (ha)
58 1 250 791

Municipality address

Sources : Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)
Phone Number Fax Number E-Mail Web sites
09/ 406 090 09/ 406 090

Données électorales

Sources : Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (Republic of Lebanon)
Données électorales 2010
Registered voters Effectifs du conseil municipal Effectifs moukhtar
1 367 12 1
Données électorales 2016
Registered voters Effectifs du conseil municipal Effectifs moukhtar

Revenue of Independent Municipal Fund

Sources : Official Journal (Lebanese Republic)
Year Revenues (Thousands Lebanese Pound)
2014 132 934
2013 125 979
2012 123 852


Sources : Central Administration of Statistics (Lebanese Presidency of the Council of Ministers) - Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)
Educational establishments (2006) Public Private Students schooled in the public schools Students schooled in the private schools
- - - - -

Higher Educational Institute Public Private
- - -


“Mazraat Es Siyad” was named after the Shia’a Siyyad (Masters) of family Al-Husseini. The family’s ancestor, Sayyed Hussein Al-Husseini, was the first who resided in the town after he restored an ancient monastery bestowed to him by Sheikh Nawfal Ibrahim al-Khoury during the Mamluk era.


“Mazra’at As-Siyyad” includes the towns of Abboud, Mazraat Er Rmeileh, Sarbineh and Bolhos. The town is located in the kaza of Jbayl in Mount Lebanon. It is 58 kilometers away from Beirut and stands at an altitude of 1,250 meters above sea level. “Mazra’at As-Siyyad” extends over an area of 665 hectares and can be reached via the following road: Nahr Ibrahim - Qartaba - Mazraat Es Siyad.

The residents are distributed in around 220 houses. Residents are of Maronite majority, with a small minority of Shia’a.

The number of voters in 2005 reached 1,250 people, compared with 1,191 voters in 2004. They are distributed in the following families:

Al-Husseini: 232
Karkaba: 125
Abu Gharios: 122
Abi A’akar: 106
Obeid: 85
Gharios: 58
Za’arour: 44
Barakat: 34
Bou Salman: 25
Karam: 25
Ziadeh: 21
Al-Khoury: 12

Other families include Salameh, Medawar, Ma’atouk, Bou Yazbek and Aouad.

“Mazra’at As-Siyyad” has a municipal council formed of 9 members and headed by Daniel Gharios, in addition to a mayoral council with 2 members and a mukhtar, Gerges Naja Obeid.

Educational and Social Institutions

There are no educational institutions in Mazra’at As-Siyyad and students go to nearby schools. However, the town has several clubs and associations, such as Mazra’at As-Siyyad Cultural, Sports and Social Club and an agricultural cooperative.

Archeological and Cultural Sites

Archeological sites in Mazra’at As-Siyyad are limited to some historical religious sites, including: Mar Abda Church founded by Gharios family in 1708, Saydet al-Najat Church and Mazra’at As-Siyyad Mosque which was built in line with a decision by Mutasaref Wasa Basha (1883-1892).

Economic Activities

Agriculture is the main economic activity in the town, which has an arable land and many resources. Residents also depend on permanent jobs, as there are 15 small commercial and industrial companies, in addition to a medical center and two hotels, the Shangrella and the Monte Carlo.

On September 8, the town celebrates Eid Saydet al-Najat and on August 31, Eid Mar Abda. A traditional dinner is held annually to celebrate the latter.

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