Project "Energy Efficiency Watch"

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A common flag for Energy Efficiency – The Energy Efficiency Watch

In today’s world, Europe is facing rising oil and gas prices, threats to the security of energy supply and energy poverty as well as the already noticeable consequences of climate change.

Energy efficiency is the quickest, cheapest and most direct way to turn these challenges into real opportunities. With existing technologies, energy savings of up to 30% are already feasible.

Improved application of energy efficiency could cut around 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. However, most EU Member States are still not making use of these enormous opportunities and are lacking clear implementation of energy efficiency measures on the ground.

In 2006, we and other Members of the European Parliament and National Parliaments, founded the Energy Efficiency Watch Initiative to call for the promotion of energy efficiency and knowledge sharing of good policy in that field within Europe. The Energy Efficiency Watch project (EEW), coordinated by EUFORES, is the centrepiece of the initiative and we are happy to present its results.

We are convinced that the results of the EEW will contribute significantly to raising awareness of energy efficiency, enhancing a mutual learning process among EU Member States and helping Europe to reach its 2020 targets (20% Energy saved, 20% Energy from Renewable Energy, 20% Greenhouse gas reduction) which were affirmed by the European Heads of State and of Governments at the March 2007 Summit.”

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Project "Energy Efficiency Watch" - Part 1
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Project "Energy Efficiency Watch" - Part 2