Decentralized cooperation

Project for "Support to the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade" (2001/2010)

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General Information
Start date : 04 April 2001
Expected end date :    31 December 2010
Last updated : 08 October 2008
Focus area : Decentralized cooperation
Executing agency : Lebanese Ministry Of Economy and Trade (MOET)
Implementing partners :    Lebanese Ministry Of Economy and Trade (MOET)
9,245,000 $
Industries, Lebanese Citizens, Private and Public Sectors, Private Sector, Public agencies, Public at large.


The United Nations Development Programme support project to the Lebanese Ministry Of Economy and Trade (MOET) started in April 2001 with a dual funding from the World Bank and UNDP. The World Bank funding expired in July/August 2003 and since than the project is co-funded through the Lebanese Government and UNDP budgets (90% & 10% respectively). In March 2004, the project’s undergo a major revision and restructuring with the continuous aim to strengthen the institutional capacities of the Ministry, promote a more balanced participation of Lebanese Ministry Of Economy and Trade (MOET) and UNDP staff, transfer of know-how and build-up the institutional memory of the institution in question etc.

The project has proven to be pivotal in all the modernisation efforts that the Lebanese Ministry Of Economy and Trade (MOET) embarked (and is embarking) upon and in mobilising resources (so far around € 35.00 million) for strategic projects for the Lebanese Ministry Of Economy and Trade (MOET) and Lebanon at large (such as: SMEs, Quality, National Accounts etc.). The UNDP project & team support is mainly focusing on 5-main pillars: policy advice and legislative development; institution and capacity building; negotiation and finalisation of trade agreements; resource mobilisation and aid coordination as well as advocacy and partnerships.

The main objectives of the project include: building, modernising, and strengthening the institutional capacities of the Lebanese Ministry Of Economy and Trade (MOET) in designing and formulating trade, ICT, SMEs, Quality, economic & trade policies. The project is providing support in the planning, formulation and implementation of sound trade and economic policies by means of drafting and monitoring the proper enactment of modern legislation and regulations, developing key aggregate trade and economy indicators, preparing and presenting policy papers and negotiation strategies as well as strengthening the Lebanese Ministry Of Economy and Trade (MOET)’s relationship with the private sector through streamlining procedures and facilitating transacting with the Lebanese Ministry Of Economy and Trade (MOET).

Achievements & Expected Results

- Quality Programme.
- New equipment for 16 selected testing and calibration laboratories was tendered, delivered and installed.
- The introduction of quality management systems (ISO 9001) and food safety management systems (ISO 22000) to 50 companies through training and consultancy activities.
- SME programme
- 4 BDCs were officially launched in Feb. 2007.
- Several Loan guarantees were issued through joint program with Kafalat.
- Social Safety Net program was finalised and presented in PIII Conference.
- Finalized an impact Assessment of the Agadir Agreement on Lebanon and publish brochures.
- Trade Remedies law and Plant Quarantine Law enacted, follow up in parliament the E-commerce basket of draft laws, and finalize a draft competition law among the main legislative reform activities, other trade related draft laws already in Parliament.
- Build the IT infrastructure at the ministry and develop & maintain website.
- Concluded the Action Plan with the European Union (Neighborhood Policy).
- Provide support in trade policy (European Union, WTO, Arab, etc.).
- Prepare for the Donor Conference Jan 2007.
- Oversee all activities of the SME and Quality Programmes and insure smooth transition of SME to the Federation of Chambers by Dec 2007.
- Ratify competition law and continue with legislative agenda.
- Continue with the WTO accession process.
- Implement various technical assistance projects (consumer protection, intellectual property, trade impact analysis, etc.).

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Outcome Evaluation (September 2004) Source : UNDP

Source : United Nations Development Programme