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Project of "Community Environmental Management" (Integrated Rural Development Program in Lebanon - 1997/2000)

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This project is a component of the Young Men’s Christian Association’s Integrated Rural Development Program in Lebanon (1997/2000).

Objective :

To implement adequate and environmentally sustainable management systems for solid and water waste, as well as to increase awareness of, and mobilization around, environmental issues.

Project activities :

- Community awareness and training sessions on environmental issues affecting the community.
- Youth mobilization and community actions in reforestation activities.
- Education and implementation of effective, low-cost management systems for proper solid waste.
- Collection and disposal beginning at the household level.
- Pilot projects in low-cost, local level waste-water treatment and disposal systems (i.e. multicompartment filtering septic tanks)

Cluster  Municipalities  District (Qada’a) Project activities Population Served
1 Aakkar El Aatiqa
Daoura (Aakkar)
Aakkar District - 2 waste water treatment systems.
- Reforestation of 1000 trees.
- Research & awareness.
- Solid waste treatment center planned.
2835 families
2 Tikrit
Dahr Laissineh
Beit Mellat
Aakkar District - Solid waste containers.
- Environmental needs assessment.
- Environmental Education & Activities.
2806 families
3 Ain
Nabi Osmane
Baalbek District - Public Park. 5350 families
4 Bent Jbayl
Maroun Er Ras
Ain Ebel
Aaynata (Bent Jbeil)
Meiss Ej Jabal
Bent Jbayl District - Marjaayoun District - Reforestation of 1700 trees.
- Solid waste treatment planned.
4525 families
5 Kfar Sir
Aadchit Ech Chaqif
Qsaibeh (Nabatiyeh)
Sir el Gharbiyeh
Nabatiyeh District - 2 solid waste management centers (1 under planning).
- Rehab of l spring.
- 2 public parks.
- Workshop on solid waste management.
- Reforestation of 1800 trees.
4900 families
6 Tannoura
Beit Lahia
Ain Aata
Ain Horcheh
Kfayr Ez Zait
Rachaiya District - Hasbaiya District - Reforestation of 5,085 trees.
- One waste water system.
- Water source mapping & quality analysis /workshop.
- Environmental activities.
- Rehab & Protection of pine forest.
2375 families

Expected impact for the Municipalities :

Increased effectiveness of community environmental management systems which will decrease the adverse effects on the environment caused by inadequate systems of waste disposal and poor land management.