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ROSS Emergency Program "Emergency Initiative for Rehabilitation, Occupation, Services and Development"

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The “Emergency Initiative for the Rehabilitation, Occupation, Services,
Development (ROSS),” promoted by the Directorate General for
Development Cooperation (DGCS) of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
has the following objectives:

- to intervene in regions affected by the conflict to contribute to the
return of the people to abandoned villages.
- to rehabilitate villages and to improve the social, economic and
environmental conditions of the population and of the territory.

These objectives fall within the general aims of the Italian intervention:

- Promotion of peace, of solidarity, of social and civil development
- Environmental protection
- Affirmation of rights
- Intercultural dialogue
- Strengthening the role of the Lebanese civil society in all its

The ROSS Emergency Program of the Italian Cooperation acts mainly
through Italian NGOs who, in turn, manage and collaborate on projects
with local organizations.

19 Italian NGOs are presently working in Lebanon with funds of the Italian
Cooperation’s Emergency Program ROSS.