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Tadamoun Wa Tanmia Association communicates with the world

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This year, FRANCAS Association has asked the Recreational Centers in Migennois (ACLM) to host a group of foreign leaders from beginning of August 2010. The group consisted of Inass, a Lebanese 25 years old leader from Tadamoun Wa Tanmia, Sara, a Moroccan 24 years old from Toofola Chaabia, Sarah and Nisreen, two Algerian 21 years leaders from Alej, and finally Aymen a Tunisian 26 years old from ONET.

All were part of the management team. These five leaders were involved in a very positive experience that promotes openness to the world and exchange of educational values such as team work and secularism.

Upon their arrival, these young people were engaged in groups and worked directly with animators and children. They have contributed to leading the project and successfully achieving its goals.

During their stay they also had the opportunity to visit Paris and Dijon. Finally, human exchanges have enabled them to build relationships far beyond the professional context.

After spending unforgettable moments together, children and leaders of the ACLM struggled to say goodbye on Friday, August 27th and hoped to revive this amazing experience one day.