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The remediation station for wastewater in Fourzol… When will the sewage system be ready ?

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On 23 11 2009, the municipality of Fourzol and the Section 933 have launched a sanitation station for wastewater that is considered to be the first station in the area of Mid - Bekaa.

Fourzol station, located few meters away from a derivative of the Litani River, forms the beginning of a phase of healthy environment, with the conversion of over nine hundred cubic meters per day of wastewater in the tanks that are fitted to treat a capacity of over 1500 cubic meters per day. The station purifies wastewater in two phases: chemical (70%) and biological (29%).

Knowing that the inability to produce (100%) of clean water is due to the non-use of chlorine in the biological treatment in order to allow the utilization of this water for irrigation.

Cost of building this station has exceeded four million dollars; and according to what the president of the municipality Nasrallah claimed, the major obstacle is the "very high cost of operation" reaching to one hundred twenty thousand dollars per year thus exceeding the financial capacity of the municipality.